JB Commercial Furniture Top Tips for Maintaining Frequently Used Bar & Restaurant Furniture

Commercial Furniture is designed to withstand the many stresses and strains placed upon it in busy venues.  Excessive use and inadequate maintenance can lead to furniture becoming grubby, tatty and unsafe with bar, pub and restaurant furniture particularly vulnerable.  However, there are few tips to ensure your contract furniture stays looking at its best.

Although it may seem obvious that busy establishments where food and drink are served are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear, having hardwearing quality contract furniture itself isn’t the answer. Quality durable furniture will require maintenance on occasion, and good house keeping will extend the life of all commercial furniture.

Rotate Furniture for Even use

Periodically rotating contract furniture around your establishment can help to ensure an even distribution of wear and tear. Inevitably, there are certain areas of a bar or restaurant that are likely to see greater traffic and use. Rotating this furniture with that in quieter areas of the venue will slow down the wear and distribute it evenly across the furniture.

This is also important for furniture near windows such as those near the windows to limit the  exposure to the sun’s UV rays, which can lead to fading and deterioration.

Regular Cleaning

Vacuum upholstered furniture regularly for to prevent the build up of dust and to remove surface soil. This also prevents dirt from becoming embedded into the fabric fibres. To clean your furniture use a damp microfibre cloth. Regular cleaning will keep the upholstering looking like new for many years.

No Excuse for A Wobbly Table

We’ve all sat at a slightly uneven wobbly table in a bar, pub or restaurant, and its frustrating and will put customers off. In the vast majority of cases, table legs are fixed with either screws or bolts. If your table legs are screwed in; make sure you have the right type of screwdriver and tighten the screws as much as possible to ensure the legs are steady again.

Check Regularly for Torn Upholstery

As Upholstered furniture can be susceptible to all manner of tears and rips, these need to be spotted and addressed immediately to avoid a more expensive repair job or having to replace the item altogether. Leather furniture should be protected frequently to keep soft and supple and avoid placing to close to heat sources such as radiators and wood burning stoves.

Periodically Check Joints, Screws and Fixings

The joints, fixings and screws of bar and restaurant furniture can all be loosened over time by the pushing, pulling and weight pressures they are subjected over their lifetime. The more your tables and chairs are moved around and rearranged, the greater the risk that their component parts become gradually loose, so a periodic check to tighten if necessary will help prevent damage.

Purchasing quality bar, pub and restaurant furniture is the best way to ensure longevity from your commercial furniture.  But the better you take care of contract furniture, the greater chance you have of it remaining in the best possible condition and appearance.

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