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JB Commercial 20th Anniversary

JB Commercial Interiors LTD t/a JB Commercial Furniture is happy to now be celebrating 20 years and we a proud to have negotiated new, often unprecedented, challenges while maintaining our place at the apex of the industry. There have been new projects, new products and a range of changes to the market that could scarcely have been predicted a few years ago. JB Commercial has needed to adapt and adjust, react to the unforeseeable and learn new skills to focus on the very different needs of our clients. And with two decades of experience in doing this, JB relishes the challenge.


The JB Commercial team today


At the very beginning of 2020, the team at JB Commercial had to adapt to the changes that Brexit would create whilst looking at the new opportunities it could bring. The main part of the former was the new regulations brought in, namely exporting to neighbouring countries; we had to evolve our process to make sure that we were compliant with new standards while never passing on needless stress to the client. We are proud to say that the team were able to adapt and continue the first-class service we are known for.

A far greater challenge was on the horizon, however. The COVID pandemic and the ensuing lockdown severely affected our business model and decimated the hospitality sector. And yet, at JB Commercial, we found the mettle to change the way we operated for the ‘new normal’. We ventured forth with a reduced team and moved operations to our respective homes to guarantee that our standards would remain high, while we could preserve the safety of our colleagues. New products had to be integrated into our catalogue, especially the necessity of protection screens and devices to make everyone’s workplaces more secure. As people around the country returned to work, JB Commercial continued to provide new solutions to help the process while assisting the recovering hospitality sector. Sadly, many businesses closed and many lives were affected by the virus itself or its subsequent consequences. JB Commercial assisted with new ventures intended to kick start the market and our Interiors arm were involved in updated projects around the country.

As the market improves and as we look back on, not just the past five years but the previous fifteen, we understand how vital it is to recalibrate and refresh our objectives. Our commercial furniture division has added a range of exciting new products and styles over the past year, maintaining our commitment to the contemporary alongside the classic. We have executed projects for new restaurants, hotels, shops, cafes, holiday homes, luxury resorts, family escapes, offices, breakout spaces, concert venues, sports clubs and many more kinds of establishments besides – (Please see ‘Our Recent Project’ section for a sample of our remarkable portfolio).

We enter out 21st year with excitement, but always aware that unforeseen events can overtake us all. Yet, at our heart, we are still a family business and our kernel is the same few people who started the company two decades ago. It has been an extraordinary journey and with so many more projects currently underway, we can assure you all that we’ve only just begun. Our continued thanks for your support – to clients of old and those who have now discovered one of the country’s leading commercial furniture suppliers, we can’t wait to work with you soon.

The JB Commercial team

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