5 Top Tips: How to Prepare Your Restaurant for Summer​​

It’s finally summertime! Warmer temperatures, longer days, and more outdoor activities mean people are keen to leave their homes and dine out. As a restaurateur, it’s time to capitalise on this seasonal surge of customers by refreshing your restaurant’s interior. 

Whether you’re considering doing a full redesign with brand-new commercial furniture or just updating certain areas of your premises, we’ve got 5 top tips to help you get your restaurant ready for the summer rush!

1. Consider changing parts of your restaurant concept for summer 

Take this opportunity to change your concept for the season. Consider revamping your restaurant’s design, opening new spaces, offering themed menus, and more to make your restaurant a summertime destination. By changing up your concept, you can motivate existing customers to return and entice lots of new ones. Make sure you keep up with industry trends by researching the latest summer offerings. 

2. Rethink your furniture

As a part of your new concepts, you might need to rethink your furniture. Summer calls for practical yet stylish outdoor and indoor commercial furniture, blending cooling comfort with bright, vibrant colours to bring cheerful energy into the restaurant. 

It’s also important to keep your seating options versatile for an ever-changing customer base. Consider switching to furniture that can be moved both indoors and outdoors, like our woven rope collection.

The Cyprus Round Dining Table is paired with a High Pressure Laminate table top, for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use all year round!

The Cyprus Round Dining Table is paired with a High Pressure Laminate table top, for heavy-duty indoor and outdoor use all year round.

3. Revamp your outdoor dining area

Speaking of outdoor furniture now is the perfect time to spruce up your outside dining area to make outdoor dining an appealing option. It’s become far more popular since the pandemic when everyone’s only option was to dine outside. 

Utilise umbrellas, tables, and seating that is resistant to strong sun and weather conditions. Add small decorations such as lanterns, string lights, or wind chimes to give a cosy, relaxed feeling to your outside area. You can even add a taste of Europe to your outdoor dining area with our Orchard and Meadow tables and chairs!

4. Bring plants into your dining space 

Bring life to your space by using plants as centrepieces, decors, and accents. This will provide a tropical aesthetic for your dining space while also purifying the air. Look for low-maintenance plants that can weather shifts in temperature to cope with the UK’s ever-changing conditions. 

5. Create an open, airy space with clever furniture arrangement

One of the most effective ways to give your restaurant a summery vibe is to optimise space with clever furniture arrangement. Maximise the room’s square footage by setting tables and chairs away from walls, adding conversational areas, and using two-seater tables separated from each other. This will ensure maximum seating while giving the space a more open and airy feel. 

With these five tips, you’re sure to have a refreshed and summery restaurant in no time. If this has inspired you to redesign your restaurant, bar, or venue this summer, we can help! 

We have been supplying high-quality commercial contract furniture to the UK market since 2005, catering to businesses small and large. We can supply commercial furniture, whether it be for a small order quantity for your outdoor patio area or on a larger contract basis if you’re looking for a full refit.

Call us today on 01933 411 876 and let us supply the commercial furniture you need this summer at the right price!

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

Want more inspiration on how to design your space? Want to see what JB Commercial can do for your interiors? Contact us here, or give us a call on 01933 411 876. Business to business clients only.

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