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Why choose a family run Contract Furniture supplier?

22nd November 2022 By JB Admin

We’re proud to be one of over 5 million British family businesses, placing our core values at the heart of everything we do. According to the IFB, 87.6% of businesses in the UK are family-owned. But in a more competitive world where time and money are having a stronger influence on your choice of service provider, what are the benefits of working with a family-run contract furniture supplier? Spoiler alert – there’s loads!

We stick to our core values

When working with big companies, the process can often feel impersonal and cold. It’s easy for large corporations to become detached from where they began, focussing on profit over quality and customer care.

As a family-business, we place our core values at the heart of everything we do. From the very beginning with your first inquiry through to final fittings and customer support, we provide a personal, authentic and efficient service that centres around quality and precision.

The JB Commercial team has been entrusted with a wide range of projects and clients with businesses of all sizes. Whether it’s working with renowned hotels and bars or designing and fitting out airport lounges and school common areas, each project we work on is unique. Rather than just getting the job done as quickly and cheaply as possible, we work closely with every client to ensure we create something that goes above and beyond expectations.

Unmatched customer service and aftercare

We care about you and the items you order. We aren’t here to sell you furnishings which will break in a year and pretend that we don’t know who you are when you call for help. We take great pride in what we sell and who we sell it to. JB Commercial is here for you long after you’ve received your furniture, and should any problems arise, we will work hard to get it rectified ASAP. 

A key benefit to ordering from a family owned furniture supplier is that we remember you, your business and everything you ordered. That includes the little things, like your opening times, meaning we know when you’re available for a project catch up or delivery. This streamlines the process and makes working alongside us an enjoyable and stress-free experience. 

We only provide the best quality commercial furniture 

Whether you’re looking for top-spec contract office furniture that combines style with functionality, or a welcoming and luxurious range of commercial soft seating, we’ve got you covered. 

Whilst large corporate companies may sacrifice quality and attention-to-detail by bulk building with cheap materials, we ensure that everything that leaves JB Commercial Furniture’s doors is finished to the highest standards. 

We take great pride in and regularly update our product offering, seamlessly merging style with robust materials to create your perfect setup. Whether you’re aiming for a sleek, minimalist look or creating something more cosy and traditional, our commercial furniture selection has it all!

Offering great value for money with competitive pricing

Things are financially tough right now for companies of all sizes. As a family-business ourselves, we completely understand. At JB Commercial we work hard to keep our prices competitive, but you can be sure that we will never sacrifice the quality of our products and services.  

We offer solutions to suit all budgets. So, if you’re looking for innovative layout solutions for your meeting spaces or are on the hunt for some new outdoor dining furniture, we can work alongside you and bring your vision to life. 

It’s not just a business, it’s our passion

JB Commercial Furniture has been designing and fitting commercial furniture for around 18 years now, and it’s much more than just a job to us. Yes, it’s a business, so it’s important that we’re able to make it a success. But that’s a lot easier to do when you love what you do as much as we do!

No two jobs are the same for us. We thrive on the challenge of maximising the space you have available whilst building imaginative solutions that are both practical and affordable. We want each of our clients to feel that ‘wow’ factor when you see your redesigned space for the first time. 

Our Premier Collection is a perfect example of this. Each piece within the range is handmade within the EU. It includes our most sumptuous options, such as cosy armchairs, stylish sofas and stand-out dining furniture. Fancy something especially bold? Check out our Revitalized table range, which includes marble effect tops and gold edging to give your space that final special touch. 

We work with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers around, staying ahead of the curve to provide contemporary style without sacrificing comfort. Take a look at our wide range of commercial furniture options here. You can also drop us a message or give us a call on 01933 411876 to talk to us through your vision. 

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

Want more inspiration on how to design your space? Want to see what JB Commercial can do for your interiors? Contact us here, or give us a call on 01933 411 876. Business to business clients only.

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