What to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

24th September 2020 By Fabian

When creating the office space for your business, there are so many elements to consider. It’s long been recognised that the surroundings within the workplace massively impact the working productivity of your employees, not to mention setting the tone and creating company culture. So what are some important components to pay attention to when selecting the furniture for your office?

Reflect your brand

Ask yourself what is the story behind your brand? Who are your target market? What would they expect to see in the workspace of your business? Reflecting your brand goes further than matching your logo and brand colours; rather, think about the atmosphere and feeling you want to create within your office space when your potential clients walk through the door. The quality of furniture you choose will speak volumes in conveying the type of business you own, so let your personality shine through with high end materials and finishes. Making the right choice here will send out the right message, and could even affect potential future business and turn over.

Get Comfy

Providing a comfortable and healthy environment for your employees is essential if you want a happy, productive work force. Poorly chosen office furniture can have a detrimental effect on your employees, causing fatigue and discomfort. The beauty of ergonomic furniture is that a number of elements are adjustable to suit whatever the needs of your employees may be. These modifications all play a part in improving posture, reducing pressure, reducing risk of neck and back pain and providing general comfort through extra supports. We have a great selection of ergonomic chairs, ranging in prices to suit all budgets.


Every business has those unsightly everyday essentials that need to be stashed away behind a closed door or neatly slid into a drawer. Even when making you selection of storage furniture you can unify your complete office look, whether it’s an under desk pedestal to coordinate with your desk, office cupboards or filing cabinets. If your office is a little short of space, tambour cupboards provide a practical solution by featuring sliding doors, meaning you don’t need to cater for that extra space for opening doors to access what’s inside. When minimal floor space is available, then the only way is up! High level storage is something else to consider for the smaller office, to ensure you’re optimising on all of the storage space and presenting your business in the best possible way.


Studies show that when offices are effectively designed, productivity can be increased by 8%, rates of well-being up by 13%, increases in creativity, with reduced absenteeism – so with the potential impact effective design can have on your business, this is the kind of thing you want to get right. Of course, on a conscious and subconscious level, our surroundings influence both our moods and our energy levels, and good design makes us feel great.

In this blog post we have looked at just a couple of important factors to consider when furnishing your office. One thing you can be assured of, though, is that when you purchase from JB Commercial furniture, you will be receiving well made high quality pieces that will take any office space to the next level.

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

Want more inspiration on how to design your space? Want to see what JB Commercial can do for your interiors? Contact us here, or give us a call on 01933 411 876. Business to business clients only.

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