The UK’s Booming Coffee Culture – Does Your Café Furniture stand out from the rest?

28th September 2020 By Fabian

The competition in the competitive Coffee Shop market has never been greater.  In many UK towns and cities we’re confronted with a choice of coffee shop on literally every street.  And with the high street chains represented everywhere along with an increasing variety of smaller independents, its never been more important for Cafés & Coffee Shops to stand out as different and tempt customers through the doors. We’ll take a look at some ideas on how you can get it right.


Across the country the increase in cafes and coffee shops has undergone a sharp rise in recent years, notching up the pressure for both independents and large chains to get it right. And one of the keys is the café furniture.

Creating a comfortable environment with the right ambience and atmosphere that results in a great customer experience is just as important as the food and drink served. Cafés, coffee shops, bistros, tea shops all have to focus on providing an experience that will encourage customers to return.

We have been helping small and large cafes & restaurants establish their identity with Contract Furniture for over 15 years.  Here are few ideas that could help your venue.

Soft Seating in Coffee Shops

Mixing and matching coffee shop and bistro furniture can give your café a distinctive character and broaden its appeal to a wider customer base. A combination of tables and chairs with comfortable tub chairs and sofas will also cater for all types of customers

Tub chairs, sofas and armchairs offer comfort and a relaxed welcoming feel for an extended stay. Contemporary stools at the counter or around poseur tables can accommodate customers stopping by for a quick caffeine fix.

Fabric choices play a key role in the interior design of Coffee Shops but spill resistant hard wearing fabrics are essential for the life of soft seating in a café or coffee shop.  Ask about our free samples are what styles work best from our range.

Coffee Shop Tables

When it comes to selecting tables for coffee shops, there is no standard table dimensions. Each coffee shop has a different requirement on what size is needed for the interior space. From circular and square to bespoke table shapes, to the mix between low coffee tables close to soft seating and tables and chairs for eating.

The informal style of coffee shops, often requires smaller tables that can easily be moved and create a versatile environment. For small coffee shops, square tables are useful where space is tight. The table tops is also a consideration for easy cleaning and maintenance.  Tops such as Werzalit are a popular choice in cafes; as they are extremely durable and practical with the high turnover of customers in Coffee Shops.  They feature a scratch and heat resistant table top surface that are also ideal for outdoor use.

To talk through tried and tested options for your Coffee Shop, Tea Room or Café, talk the team about our Contract Furniture for Coffee Shops.

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

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