The Hotel Inspector – Restaurant and Bar Renovation featuring JBCF Furniture

24th September 2020 By Fabian

We were really excited to be featured in a recent episode of Channel 5’s The Hotel Inspector. Our Merit range played a part in the dramatic transformation, led by Alex Polizzi, that took place at the Richmoor Hotel in Weymouth. The restaurant and bar area was transformed into a light airy space, providing a beautiful spot for the hotel guests to sit in and enjoy.



In the words of Alex Polizzi herself, they “stripped out the dated and unwelcoming bar, and replaced it with a more sophisticated restaurant. It’s a much more convivial space.” Yes, by incorporating our commercial furniture, the atmosphere within the restaurant and bar was completely transformed from dull and uninspiring to lively, friendly and enjoyable.  We were happy to see our contract furniture taking centre stage and really driving the transformation within the dining space.


It is incredible to see how simply changing the furniture within a restaurant, bar or cafe really impacts the ambiance, and plays a part in enriching your customers dining experience. Of course, the colours, textures, materials, shapes and scale of the tables and chairs you choose will build on and support the atmosphere you are creating.


You can watch the full episode here.

Do you think the merit table would be a good fit for your restaurant? You can browse and shop the products featured on the programme here: Merit square dining table / Merit round dining table

Alternatively, you can browse and get inspired by our wide range of quality tables  and beautiful seating.

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

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