Spotlight on Premier Collection Luxury Contract Furniture Range

24th September 2020 By Fabian

This month we are placing the spotlight on our Premier range of Luxury Contract Furniture.

The inspiration behind this collection is to celebrate the aesthetics of luxury sophisticated commercial designer furniture that has been selected for its ability to enhance elegant commercial venues.

The range includes hand crafted artisan pieces that can be individually styled in a choice of quality fabrics and finishes to perfectly complement interior spaces.


The Premier Range is a relatively new addition to the contract furniture ranges at JB Commercial. Whilst we have been supplying high end interior furniture to our clients for many years, we took the decision to create a Premier Collection to combine the very best artisan pieces in one location on our site.

The Premier Collection range has been selected for interior designers, high end boutiques, luxury residential sectors and corporate hospitality to scroll through and the see the finest designs and features of luxury contract furniture.

The collection focuses on exceptional quality furniture, hand crafted pieces with sleek design and attention to the finer details in both modern contemporary and classic designs.

The ability to essentially custom design the pieces to perfectly complement interior design makes the Premier Collection ideal for interior designers, architects, corporate buyers and luxury hotel chains.

The luxury contract furniture range includes:

Sofa Beds

For the hospitality industry, the sleek and modern continental design sofas combine comfort and finish to create an elegant and practical solution for hotels and luxury bed and breakfasts.

Picture 6845

Designer Tub Chairs

For corporate venues the range of tub chairs add an air of class and sophistication to any lobby, reception area or meeting room.

p1732-amore-tub-both (1)

Luxury Arm Chairs

To bring style and comfort to any interior, our selection of beautiful luxury commercial armchairs designs deliver form and function in equal measure.

p1687-arabella-front (1)

Side Chairs & Bar Stools

Designed with simplicity in mind, the Premium Collection restaurant and bar furniture is designed to elevate any venue with the dignified and elegant designs.


Take a browse at the Premier Collection luxury contract furniture range here.

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

Want more inspiration on how to design your space? Want to see what JB Commercial can do for your interiors? Contact us here, or give us a call on 01933 411 876. Business to business clients only.

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