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    Consultation & Project-Management

    Any project, large or small can be a stressful experience. We understand that down-time as a cafe, restaurant, bar, office or hotel can be costly and problematic for you and your clients who depend on you and your services. 

    Our team have extensive experience dealing with clients with varying degrees of requirements. When it comes to our trusted approach on consultation and project management, we will take the stress and worry off your shoulders, as much as possible, and work with you to ensure you and your business have as little down-time as possible, if any at all!

    We appreciate that looking for the most suitable commercial furniture for your business can be a challenge. Factors to consider could be whether the furniture will suit your identity, history & culture, and will it have the potential to breathe new life and personality into your space?

    We work with an extensive range of trusted furniture sources, manufacturers and importers, thus ensuring we have an extensive range of commercial furniture available, whether it be office furniture for your business, or other types of soft furnishings more suited perhaps if you operate running a cafe or restaurant.

    Our team at JB Commercial Furniture work in harmony with the commercial interiors team to provide you with a dedicated project management service, working closely to guide and support your team during both initial Cat A Fit-out and Cat B fit-out stage. Our team can help to bring your canvas to life with a range of off-the-shelf or bespoke furniture solutions.

    Whatever your vision, we are here to help you every step of the way!