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    Bespoke Furniture

      While we offer a vast array of commercial furniture in numerous finishes, fabrics and styles, we are also aware that sometimes that touch of individuality is needed. We therefore have a unique bespoke service where we will try and match your dreams with a beautifully tailored reality.

      We have experience providing clients such as Selfridges, The Savile Club, numerous schools and colleges, restaurants and clubs with furniture that is unique to their environment. There is no compromise on quality either as all of these bespoke products boast the same standard that you would expect of commercial grade furniture.

      Our team put every effort into realising your vision, can call on a fabulous collection of fabrics and materials to complete the job and can offer expert advice throughout the process so that the finished product lives up to our clients' expectations. Please contact our team and we will endeavour to work with you so that your project has that unique stamp on it.