Restaurant Table Top Options

24th September 2020 By Fabian

If you are planning to revamp your restaurant interiors, setting up a new restaurant business, or updating your contract furniture, choosing the right of kind of restaurant tables is a key decision. As with key restaurant furniture pieces, tables and their finish contribute to the look, feel and practicality of the venue.  So what Table Top Options work best for your establishment.


We’ve compiled a summary of our best selling Restaurant Table Top Options and their benefits to help identify the best choice for different venues.

Wood Table Tops

Wooden table tops are among the most popular choices for restaurant tables because of the durability and cost effectiveness. A wood table top can be combined with a wide variety of table bases to look great in almost any type of setting.

A natural look and feel to create and warm and inviting atmosphere can easily be achieved with wood table tops. It is a versatile material for all types of spaces and with proper maintenance is a good investment.

Laminate Table Tops

Designed to be hard wearing and practical, laminate tops are suitable for many types of restaurant settings. For flexibility, easy maintenance and high durability, laminate tops are popular choice for bars, cafes and restaurants. Laminate table tops come in a range of styles and size options, and the colours can be coordinated to complement any colour or design scheme and interior.

Laminate tops can also withstand harsh cleaning products, such as antibacterial cleaner, providing a practical table top option especially in fast food establishments or busy eateries.

Aluminium Table Tops

Aluminium table tops are functional, lightweight and easy to move around for cleaning, but also give a fresh, contemporary look to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops and bistros. Suitable for use indoor and outdoors they provide versatility to their use. Their ability to withstand tough weather conditions outdoors and their hard wearing surface yet with an affordable price tag, makes them an attractive choice for many venues.

Werzalit Table Tops

Werzalit table tops are a popular choice due to the quality finish, colours and designs that are available in this unique material. Extremely durable and featuring a scratch and heat resistant table top surface, these tops are virtually indestructible.  Werzalit has a smooth finish closed surface  making it a hygienic choice for restaurants and easy to clean.

The durable nature of Werzalit and the resistance to heat, makes it ideal to protect from fat spills, acidic liquids or even hot cigarette ash. They can also be used both indoors and outdoors as they are weatherproof and UV resistant.

For more information on any of they types of table top options available and the additional types of commercial tables we offer, talk to the JB sales team for expert advice and browse our section of our website.

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