Haysey Designs -The Centre, Mawsley

9th February 2024 By Fabian

We recently worked with acclaimed Interior Designer, Nichola Haysey from Haysey Designs, who had been hired by The Centre to give the space the elan it undoubtedly deserved, and JB Commercial were able to bring to reality her grand vision.

The Centre is an important community hub in the Northamptonshire village of Mawsley. It brings together a variety of visitors with its live music, popular bar and spacious venue hire, but it was in need of a stylish rejuvenation. We at JB Commercial love to be involved in the commission of breathing new life into vital social centres, and regularly work closely with venues to achieve a sophisticated but accessible look. To compliment the beautiful new flooring selected by Haysey Designs, JB Commercial provided a mix of aspirational Country Club-looking soft seating and more traditional communal relaxation areas; at all points, JB Commercial have the aim to make the most eye-catching furniture available at an attractive price. Style doesn’t need to exclude substance!

Part of Nichola’s vision involved the gorgeous Rubin armchair, an item that would look at home in the most prestigious of venues. It is a perfect mix of comfort and character, recalling the aforementioned Country Club aesthetic while never sacrificing the need for the comfort of the many. The Rubin chairs were upholstered in Warwick’s classic Linear Flax – hard-wearing, CRIB-5 material that feels sensational to the touch. As a contrast, Nichola utilised the traditional favourite, namely the Band Armchair and Venice Side Chairs, items we have used in numerous previous projects. Again, we worked closely with her and the chosen fabric supplier for this item, Sekers, to add a different texture and dapple of colour to the venue. These were then married with our Herald tables which have a solid cast iron base, topped by a wonderful gold-edged, Art Deco laminate table top. The Herald has a textured wood effect table top around the bar area to signal the change of zone.

As part of the brief, different zones were created within a previously uniform space. The aforementioned formal and informal spaces were contrasted with a bar area and a private corner that utilised the beloved Cosmopolitan banquette seat, with a fluted backrest. The bar area made elegant use of the leather-upholstered Rustique bar stool, a truly stunning piece of bar furniture, and another JB Commercial classic: the Herald poseur table. The latter is especially popular, with its combination of a black cast-iron base and the durable, yet attractive Shorewood laminate top. Meanwhile, in the nook that housed the private corner seating, the Cosmopolitan bench seat was synchronised with matching Ottomans, creating a space within a space.

The completed venue was as attractive and becoming as Nichola’s vision had suggested. A mixture of casual, informal spaces and cosy, intimate sections for small groups. At JB Commercial we can provide for every aesthetic, from classic to up-to-date modern, and our experienced team work with designers and visionaries from around the country. The results, as you can see, can be spectacular.


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