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    Modular Seating

    Modular Seating is extremely versatile & widely configurable. Our modular seating furniture range includes cube seating, bench seating and modular commercial sofas, to create any seating configuration you require. The various options are ideal for commercial environments and can be used to create flexible and unique seating areas.

    All items which contain foam and/or fabric are CRIB 5 Certified unless otherwise stated.

    • TANNING Ottoman with metal base detail -…
    • ERNST Ottoman - Artiste
    • RIVERA Ottoman - Artiste
    • Chunk Square Ottoman
    • Chunk Round Ottoman
    • LINK Modular Seating Unit- Straight Seat,…
    • LINK Modular Seating Unit - Concave Seat,…
    • LINK Modular Seating Unit - Convex Seat,…
    • Crescent Low Level Bench
    • Flow Modular Seating - Black Leather

    Modular Seating | Modular Sofas | Ottomans | Cube Seating 

    Modular seating a versatile and easily configurable seating option, making it a brilliant solution for workplaces, reception areas, office spaces & educational environments.

    Our modular seating ranges can be used to create communal configurations for collaborating & socialising, break out areas for relaxing or fun contemporary areas for receptions.  Modular seating is ideal for settings where space is at a premium or the layout is difficult to fit in a full sofa or traditional chairs, as modular configurations can be built at angles to fit in the space you have.

    Modular seating has become a popular commercial seating solution for offices as the adaptability allows for different seating configurations creating a unique seating area. Our comprehensive range of modular seating offers a great number of possible configurations to create layout that is perfect for your commercial environment.

    Our range includes modular leather sofas that include corner sofas, convex and concave seating to design the shape you need.  We offer stylish and practical ottomans to create informal casual meeting areas or seating for pubs, hotels and bars.  And the Dippi Scoop modular seating range comprises a huge choice of colours to help you achieve the perfect match for your interior theme or brand colours.  Ideal for waiting rooms and reception areas.

    If you need more information on modular seating, call the sales team for friendly help and advice.  We can even help design your office interior and recommend the most practical modular seating option that will suit you.  

    All items which contain foam and/or fabric are CRIB 5 Certified unless otherwise stated.