Open Plan Workspace Office Furniture Ideas

28th September 2020 By Fabian

Creating and making the best use of Open Plan Layouts is key to getting the most out of any space. We have helped many businesses to create productive, stylish and flexible work areas within Open Plan Workspaces.  We have put together a few ideas that have made these offices a success.

Many offices with an open plan environment use a mixture of spacing styles to create unique solutions. While linear style desks work for some businesses, the move towards a wide range of open plan furniture in different designs, shapes, sizes and colours has become increasingly popular. This style of furniture layout can be adapted and used in a variety of ways to build the perfect open plan office.


Modular Commercial Furniture

Modular office furniture is the most effective design solution when planning a new workspace. Using modular furniture allows the workplace to grow & expand, be reconfigured & adapt to the changing workforce demands.

The modular desking ranges in the JB Commercial range are functional furniture systems with multiple configurations, sizes and styles to customise the layout to suit your needs and taste. Desk extensions, typing desks, meeting desks, aligned desks, corner desks, banks of desks, desk screens, modesty panels, desk accessories, pedestals and bookshelves can be added to complete your entire offices as needs change.

modular office furniture

Sit Stand Desks

Sit-Stand adjustable desks are widely used in office spaces today, to enjoy the health and engagement benefits of being able to easily switch between sitting and standing. The appeal of converting sedentary offices to active, healthy and productive workplaces is growing and a popular solution for open plan workspaces.

Workspace Pods

The office work pods are an flexible way to have formal meetings, quiet working & collaborate with a team on a project. Our office pod offers a creative space away from the desk space which doesn’t use up important meeting space. The office booths can be positioned almost anywhere within the workspace & relocated with moderate ease.

Office Pods, such as the Alban Booth range,  surround the user or group to increase visual privacy.  Easy to fit canopy sections for advanced acoustic properties with optional lighting are available to create a private workspace.

Shared Workspaces

Shared and collaborative workspaces are growing in popularity, especially with new start ups and young businesses. Rather than committing to a lease, shared workspaces include opportunities to network and provide financial flexibility, which is appealing for businesses in their early stages or service based business.

Shared and collaborative workspaces are generally spacious, contemporary and provide less structured office layouts. The design and office furniture choices for collaborative and shared workspaces are designed to foster creativity, bring people together and allow for flexibility in today’s increasingly connected workforce. Fun, contemporary  seating is often a feature of these shared workspaces.

Browse the range of commercial office furniture ideal for open plan workspaces here –  For help on layout, design and installation talk to our Interiors Sales team today.

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