Industrial Style Commercial Furniture

28th September 2020 By Fabian

Many businesses turn to Industrial Furniture for their interiors. Interior design is constantly evolving as new trends come and go, Industrial décor seems to stand the test of time. Industrial design has had a surge in popularity over the last few years and has been a growing trend with retailers in commercial venues, especially offices and restaurants.


The Hallmark of  Industrial Furniture

The stripped back, raw, simplistic approach is the key strength of Industrial Furniture.  The style can vary a lot, ranging from very simple and minimalist designs to more complex aesthetics.  But essentially the hallmark of Industrial style is less is more.

The most distinctive feature of industrial furniture is the blend of wood and metal in its design.  This has resulted in many new restaurants, bars and cafes or venues refurbishing to an industrial decor; to create a great ambience and atmosphere. The warm tones of the wood contrast with the coolness of the metal to bring a calm and relaxing ambience in any space.

Industrial bar stools



Industrial Furniture – why so popular in Commercial Venues

The robust materials used in Industrial Commercial furniture pieces means that this quality furniture can last a lifetime providing a great return on investment for businesses.

Another common trait of industrial furniture is the simplicity. Nuts, bolts and rivets are often left exposed, and while adding charm is also a sign of premium build quality. Great for use in busy commercial environments where the furniture will be getting a lot of use.

Bar Stools


Achieving an Industrial Style Design with Commercial Furniture

As Industrial style is all about making a feature of the rough, rejecting a tidy finish and emphasising the raw and imperfect. And while you may not have the factory conversion style with pipes and brick walls exposed to help create the style, industrial style furniture pieces can help achieve the look. Hardworking materials, such as wood, metal and concrete, are key to the look, and can easily be incorporated with industrial style bar stools, chairs and tables.

Although not typically industrial style itself, key pieces of soft seating can complement the industrial look. Our Chester Sofa  is the perfect fit for an industrial theme with its beautiful fabric and and button detailing

Chester Sofa


Instead of just sticking to an industrial look, bring in other styles and blend them with the existing style. Mid-century modern soft furnishings look great combined with an urban vibe which gives a venue a contemporary feel, while providing comfortable seating in commercial venues.

The use of reinforced concrete can have striking results in an industrial style design. If you are furnishing an outdoor space, use of concrete like in our Rhino dining set.

Cement table


For more ideas take a look at our new Industrial Seating section of our website.

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