Commercial Furniture Finance

Are you looking to furnish your commercial venue with stylish, functional furniture without breaking the bank? Look no further! At JB Commercial Furniture, we understand the importance of creating a welcoming and aesthetically appealing environment for your customers. We work with Halo Corporate Finance who offer flexible financing options tailored to suit your unique needs and financial situation, making it easier than ever to achieve the perfect ambiance for your business.

All finance applications are carefully considered, regardless of the nature of your business or your credit history.

Why finance?

There are various reasons why you might want to consider financing your commercial furniture purchase. Here are just some of the options why we recommend finance:

  1. Preserve cash flow: Financing your furniture allows you to preserve your valuable cash reserves for other critical business expenses. By spreading the cost of your furniture over time, you can maintain cash in hand and ensure your business has the financial flexibility it needs.
  2. Ease of upgrading to quality furniture: Investing in high-quality furniture can significantly enhance the appearance and functionality of your space. With our financing options, you can opt for premium furniture that may have been out of reach otherwise, elevating the overall experience for your customers.
  3. Staying ahead of the competition: A well-furnished commercial venue can set you apart from your competitors. By utilising different financing solutions, you can stay ahead in the market by continuously updating your furniture to reflect the latest trends and styles, enticing your clients to keep coming back.
  4. Tax benefits: In many cases, financing can be considered a business expense, which means you may be eligible for certain tax benefits or deductions. This can further reduce the overall cost of your furniture investment.
  5. Flexible finance terms: We understand that every business is unique, and financial needs may vary. That’s why we offer a range of flexible finance terms to suit your requirements. Whether you prefer short-term financing or longer-term plans for lower monthly payments, we have you covered.
  6. Easy application process: We can provide an initial finance quote with only a few quick details. If this initial quote suits your needs, applying for furniture financing through our finance partners is quick and straightforward. Our team of experts is ready to assist you through the entire process, making it hassle-free and efficient. We also work with a variety of underwriters who consider all aspects of your business.
  7. Improve cash flow forecasting: Fixed monthly payments help improve cash flow forecasting, making it easier for you to plan and budget for other business expenses.



Our commercial furniture finance solutions cater to a wide range of businesses, and every application is carefully considered – including but not limited to:

  •  Bars and Pubs: Create a cosy and inviting atmosphere with comfortable seating and elegant tables.
  • Restaurants: Set the right mood with furniture that complements your restaurant’s theme and style.
  •  Hotels and Resorts: Elevate the guest experience with stylish, modern, and luxurious furniture.
  • Coffee Shops and Cafes: Enhance customer satisfaction with aesthetically pleasing and comfortable furniture pieces.
  • Offices and Workspaces: Boost productivity and employee satisfaction by providing ergonomic and functional furniture.

Is finance for me?

Our commercial furniture finance solutions cater to a wide range of businesses, and every application is carefully considered – including but not limited to:

  • Corporate / Blue Chip Companies
  • Businesses trading over 2 years
  • Brand new start up’s

Who offers this finance?

We work with Halo Corporate Finance who are registered in England & Wales number 05467304. Halo Corporate Finance is a credit broker and a lender, and is authorised & regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, number 726655.

Lenders pay us commission for introducing you to them. Different lenders may pay different commissions for such introductions. The amount of commission received varies depending on the terms of your agreement which may have an impact on the total cost of credit.

JB Commercial Interiors LTD t/a JB Commercial Furniture are not authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. JB Commercial Interiors LTD t/a JB Commercial Furniture can only facilitate un-regulated finance.

JB Commercial Interiors LTD (t/a JB Commercial Furniture) only deals with businesses. We do not supply goods or services to domestic consumers, – such as private households.

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