Dining Alfresco – Bringing Your Interior Style Outdoors

We are sure you don’t need us to tell you that summer has finally arrived here in the UK – and there are few things more enjoyable than getting a group of your favourite people together and heading out for some alfresco dining. So what is the secret to creating a truly irresistible outdoor restaurant or cafe space – one with a relaxing, inviting vibe?

A stunning trend that is a firm favourite at JB Commercial is that of decorating your outdoor restaurant terrace as if it is an extension of your interior – because why would you want to forego all of the creature comforts your customers enjoy inside your bar or restaurant?


Here is how to take your interior style to your outdoor space with ease.


If you are fortunate enough to have a restaurant terrace or patio, don’t feel that you have to compromise on the flow of the design through your space, just because you have moved outside. Of course, outdoor tables and chairs have some extra criteria to fulfil by nature; the quality and integrity to withstand the elements to name just one. With so many beautiful options now available though, there are possibilities aplenty to achieve your chosen design scheme.



The Maldives range is a fantastic option with its stunning rattan finish and sleek design, paired with the durable materials it features. The use of flat Polyethylene Resin weave and the EZ Care No Wood mean that this range is completely equipped to be left outside all year round. The Maldives range includes a wide choice of different products so you can mix and match to suit your own venue.



If you’re creating a more informal seating area, the Dale Outdoor Rattan range sets the tone for obligatory relaxation, combining natural rattan weave and stylish charcoal cushions. This set is also shower resistant, so no stress when those inevitable sudden showers make an appearance.


Whatever you do, don’t neglect your floors! Here you have an opportunity to give your guests the wow factor as they step outside, and give your beautiful new outdoor furniture something special to sit on.
Bring out the rugs! By using rugs (we love the flat woven type for their durability!) you can add warmth and texture. And why stop at just one? Layer your rugs up to add another element and to really bring that cozy feel outdoors. Rugs are easy to switch in and out, so mix and match with patterns, colours and texture.
If you want more of a permanent fixture, concrete tiles are just the ticket. With a never ending choice of stunning designs and patterns, you may just struggle to pick one. Once installed though, concrete tiles wear beautifully over time.
Of course, you don’t have to choose between the two, as pairing tiles and rugs together works a treat.


Lighting is everything when it comes to creating an electric atmosphere, so it is super important to make sure your selections are on point. Choose a mix of ambient (general) lighting, task lighting and accent lighting for your space – a good plan combining all three suited to function and style. String lighting suspended overhead is a JB favourite, easy to install whilst being high impact – perfect! Candlelight radiating from table top and lanterns, as well as the soft glow from an outdoor fire pit is unbeatable, along with the bonus benefit of heat supply, a vital element for those UK summer evenings.


You are outdoors, after all!
There are many creative ways you can do this, from oversized floor standing planters, hanging terrariums and table top pots. Installing a vertical garden is a great high impact way to incorporate some foliage, bringing heaps of ambiance and texture, as well as working well in smaller spaces.
If your outdoor space features glass, you can capitalise on the greenhouse feels – more is more!


Of course, while we are enjoying the heatwave, we also know that we need to cater for that moment when the chill sets in. Incorporate textiles in the form of throw cushions and blankets, creating a comfortable and cozy patio that people won’t want to leave.


If you want to see more of what is inspiring us, check out our Alfresco Dining pinboard on Pinterest.

Shop our full range of outdoor furniture here.

Mood board image credits / Copper Planters / Potted plant / Oversized Mirror

Want to find out more handy tips and tricks of the trade for your restaurant space?

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