Creating Private Spaces in the Modern Open Plan Office Environment

24th September 2020 By Fabian

The popularity of shared, open plan office spaces has increased significantly in the past decade, gradually replacing cubicles as the standard office layout. But the challenge that has resulted is it can be hard to create private spaces, free from distractions for collaborative working.

JB Commercial has included a new range of Meeting Pods and Social Spaces Seating to serve as comfortable breakout seating booths for contemporary office spaces. The new range of fabric meeting pods are completely flexible in their use and provide a versatile option for reception areas, open plan offices and breakout areas.

Seating Booths

Getting the balance between open plan collaborative working and private yet flexible seating can be the challenge in the modern office environment. However, seating booths can provide the combination of both. Ideal in a breakout area, and as equally appropriate in the office as a meeting space, seating booths provide the relaxed, personal creative space necessary.  And if you want to get away from the formality of a glass meeting room, office seating booths are an ideal alternative.

Alban Pod Seating Booth

The pod seating areas can be used for multiple uses throughout the day, and are ideal for team meetings, collaborative tasks resulting in less time booking out meeting rooms or simply for a more secluded place to take phone calls.

Customise Your Private Seating Pod

The seating pods feature a hardwood frames with fully sprung seats for maximum comfort.  The booths are made bespoke to your requirements, so the fabric choice can be selected to fit in with existing interior colour schemes.   Alternatively, two tone fabric options are available to create a stand contemporary look in the office.

The canopy creating the enclosed booth has advanced acoustic properties for noise reduction. It is also can include lighting in the canopy.

It includes a fixed table and supporting leg for functional and practical working and can include an integrated power supply built into the frame.

seating booth with table

So if your office a needs a seating area get a break from e-mail notifications, phones buzzing and interruptions, the new Alban range pods might be exactly what is need to create a relaxed personal space for the office.

The range is available to view here  – and includes High Back Armchairs and Commercial Sofas.

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