Contract Sofa Bed Buying Guide

24th September 2020 By Fabian

Commercial Sofa Beds are a great way to incorporate additional sleep space solutions into hotels, B&Bs, serviced accommodation, guest houses, holiday parks and lodges. Sofa beds are proving increasingly popular especially where space is at a premium, so we’ve included a great range of contract sofa beds into our online range of commercial furniture.


The days of sofa beds that were neither comfy as a sofa or adequate for a good nights sleep as a bed are gone. Stylish, well designed commercial grade sofa beds that are equally functional as soft seating and a comfortable bed are here to stay.  Commercial Sofa beds are an excellent way to accommodate larger groups of guests in venues that have limited space.

  • Hotel sofa beds can be folded away in the day to allow guests to move around the room freely and easily without squeezing between multiple beds.
  • Maximise bedroom occupancy, revenues and profits by providing additional bed space in family rooms
  • Add extra flexibility to rooms that need to be multifunctional.
  • Sofa Beds are designed with fast set up mechanisms, meaning that extra beds can be set up in minutes.
  • Additional storage options, accessories like extra pillows and quilts can often be stored in sofa beds that offer storage.

The JB Commercial Furniture Sofa Bed Range

Our range of contract sofa beds are manufactured to meet strict Crib 5 regulations and are available in a range of single, two seater, and three seater sofa beds. No matter what your ideal sofa bed style or dimensions are, our wide range has something to suit all needs.

Contract Sofa Beds are available in a large range of fabrics and colours. Our comprehensive fabric selection, woods stains, real and faux leathers means every aspect of the sofa bed design, from shape and size to upholstery colour or pattern and back cushion design, can be selected by our customers.

The key factors to a good investment of sofa beds is durability and comfort. By using quality components and robust contract mechanisms, we ensure that our sofa beds withstand the rigors and strains of the hospitality industry. The build quality, high quality components and luxurious memory foam used provides a sofa bed that not only looks great, comfortable as a sofa, durable and allows for a great nights sleep when used as a bed.

We won’t compromise on build quality; our sofa beds are filled with high quality memory foam, which gives them durability and luxurious comfort that’s head and shoulders above the average commercial sofa bed.

Choosing a Sofa Bed

Size is often the deciding factor when choosing a sofa bed. There should be enough room in front of the sofa for it to be pulled out fully into a bed, without getting too close to the walls or blocking doorways. Guests don’t want to battle an obstacle course in the room, so you should be  walk around the bed when it’s extended without knocking over surrounding furniture like coffee tables and lamps.

If space is at limited The Clyde is a sofa bed bunk bed which simply pulls up with a ladder, side support & storage pouch for a comfortable nights sleep.

sofa bunk bed

The sofa beds in our range are manufactured to order, so you can choose wood finish, fabric and style depending on your venue. To take a look at the full range click here – Contract Sofa Beds. 

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