Common Mistakes Buying Restaurant Furniture

24th September 2020 By Fabian

Whether you are an experienced restaurant owner, seasoned buyer or a first time purchaser of contract furniture, we’ve got a few tips that will help avoid the common regrets of commercial furniture purchases.  At JB Commercial, we’ve been in the Contract Furniture business, helping customers with their decision making for many years, so we’ve compiled our top tips of things to avoid.


We’ve consolidated some of the common pitfalls of buying contract furniture into 5 main areas.


Over filling the space and cluttering with too many tables and chairs results in a confused space. Analysing how many covers the restaurant will comfortably seat and then deciding how many customers you can serve, based specifically on the area size of the restaurant is essential before purchasing the right amount of tables.

Cramming too many tables into a space is one pitfall, however if there isn’t enough furniture, you won’t be maximising your revenue opportunities. If you need to order more furniture, you add on the cost of the additional pieces, but also the extra delivery and handling charges. It’s best to order it right the first time with the most accurate dimensions.


Failing to take into consideration the space between furniture is a common mistake.  There should be at least 45cm between chairs, ensuring customers don’t get knocked by staff or other customers, and this distance is extended for fine dining restaurants. Fast and professional service requires an efficient flow pattern, so choosing furniture that can achieve efficient working space should also be taken into consideration.

Mixing and matching to intersperse armchairs can be a great idea to create interest and ensure every table is the best seat in the house, but always check that the arms of the chairs fit comfortably under your table tops.


Failure take into consideration the customers’ expectations can be a bit pitfall when purchasing restaurant furniture. The seating is especially important to create a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere whatever style of restaurant. But turnaround times are a very important part of running a successful business. For example in fast food venues or cafés, everything should be laid out for speed, and so all the surfaces must be easily cleaned.

Conversely a fine dining establishment requires thought about how many sittings you plan to have, and the comfort of the seating should correspond with the length of time you want customers to stay.


Choosing furniture that dictates style over practicality is a common pitfall for first time restaurant furniture buyers. Coordinating furniture to complement the theme is essential to create a coordinated look, but practical furniture for the style of the restaurant is a key priority. Durability is a top priority for restaurant owners to provide the best return on investment.

Allowing for a flexible environment is also to aid revenue stream. Square tables allow flexibility and re-arrangement, depending on the size of group booked. Having a mix of table sizes and seating arrangements creates a visually interesting restaurant.

For more helpful advice, tips and ideas, talk to the JB Commercial Furniture sales team.

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