Contract Bar Stool Buying Guide

This guide provides the advice you need on comfort, design, height, and complementing your venues interior with stylish yet practical bar stool seating options. Bar Stools are one of our most popular commercial furniture products for the hospitality industry, so we have an extended range to choose from. Continue reading “Contract Bar Stool Buying Guide”

Common Mistakes Buying Restaurant Furniture

Whether you are an experienced restaurant owner, seasoned buyer or a first time purchaser of contract furniture, we’ve got a few tips that will help avoid the common regrets of commercial furniture purchases.  At JB Commercial, we’ve been in the Contract Furniture business, helping customers with their decision making for many years, so we’ve compiled our top tips of things to avoid.

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Creating Private Spaces in the Modern Open Plan Office Environment

The popularity of shared, open plan office spaces has increased significantly in the past decade, gradually replacing cubicles as the standard office layout. But the challenge that has resulted is it can be hard to create private spaces, free from distractions for collaborative working. Continue reading “Creating Private Spaces in the Modern Open Plan Office Environment”

JB Commercial Furniture Top Tips for Maintaining Frequently Used Bar & Restaurant Furniture

Commercial Furniture is designed to withstand the many stresses and strains placed upon it in busy venues.  Excessive use and inadequate maintenance can lead to furniture becoming grubby, tatty and unsafe with bar, pub and restaurant furniture particularly vulnerable.  However, there are few tips to ensure your contract furniture stays looking at its best.

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Commercial Glass Display Cabinets & Showcases

For the finishing touch in a reception area, a way to proudly display company awards and trophies, or  retail cabinets to support promotional sales at business premises, Glass Display Cabinets are an effective way to create stylish practical storage options. The JB Commercial Glass Display Cabinet range have all the features to achieve this, so this month we are taking a look at what the range has to offer.

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Contract Sofa Bed Buying Guide

Commercial Sofa Beds are a great way to incorporate additional sleep space solutions into hotels, B&Bs, serviced accommodation, guest houses, holiday parks and lodges. Sofa beds are proving increasingly popular especially where space is at a premium, so we’ve included a great range of contract sofa beds into our online range of commercial furniture.

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Refurbing a Restaurant on a Budget

A simple refurbishment can make all the difference to a restaurant, pub or café and doesn’t have to cost the earth. After all businesses that continue investing in their venues, generally are the businesses that reap the rewards and survive the test of time.  But if the budget is limited, what can help to achieve an affordable refurbishment.

After many years of helping venues of all sizes complete their refurbishments, we’ve compiled some of our experience on getting the most from your budget.  Here are some of our top tips on getting the most from Contract Furniture.

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Tips for Maintaining Teak Outdoor Furniture

Teak Outdoor Furniture is a popular choice of wooden outdoor furniture in both domestic gardens and commercial venues. This is down to the fact that teak furniture is a great investment and if looked after correctly, doesn’t require much maintenance.  Here are a few tips for maintaining outdoor teak furniture.

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Tips for Maintaining Upholstered Contract Furniture

For style, comfort and luxury, upholstered furniture in commercial settings is great to provide an ambience and real allure to your venue.  Yet dirty, marked or shabby furniture can be a real put off for customers. And in a busy environment where food is served, the state of the furniture can have a negative impression on the cleanliness of the venue.

Our upholstered furniture will last many years if it is properly cared for. The quality fabric used on our furniture is designed for busy and constant use of commercial venues. So, what is the best way to keep upholstered furniture looking spick and span? Here are a few of our tips:

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