Commercial & Domestic Grade Furniture – What’s the difference?

Whether you’re opening up a new restaurant, renovating your cafe or giving your hotel reception area a facelift.. you are going to want to fill it with stunning furniture that will deliver the wow factor for your guests and customers. But have you found yourself wondering if it really is that important to buy commercial grade furniture? Before you make your decision, let’s consider just a few of the benefits of purchasing contract furniture in comparison to residential grade furniture.

Contract furniture is simply fit for the job. It goes further than “this will look beautiful in your new restaurant” and actually gives consideration to what the item will go through on a daily basis. It is designed to be durable, to be used by large numbers of people of all different weights, shapes and sizes. It is built to withstand use that is heavier than the norm, using hard wearing quality materials with a that will stand the test of time.

We know what you’re thinking.. “but contract furniture is more expensive”. This is true. The initial cost of commercial grade furniture is higher than what you would expect to pay for domestic grade, but it is an investment well worth making. With its life span typically lasting considerably longer than its domestic grade alternative, purchasing contract furniture means you won’t have to budget for new furniture every couple of years, and save precious time in the process.

So what exactly makes a piece of furniture commercial grade? Depending on the nature of the product, each design goes through extensive testing. Safety, Stability, Strength, Durability, Flammability, Durability and Performance of Fabrics, Durability and Performance of Foams are amongst the elements that are required to be tested by an independent third party.

Of course, you want to give your clientele an outstanding experience when they visit your establishment, and their happiness and safety is paramount in making that happen. It is so important and at times a legal requirement to use quality, commercial grade furniture. Doing so will give you a greater return on your investment, making it the right decision for your business.

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