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    Round, Oval, Corner & Shaped Display Cabinets

    The ‘Round and Oval’ range of commercial glass showcases and display cabinets is a unique and stylish selection of round and oval glass display cabinets.  These exceptional quality cabinets and finished to a high standard and provide a real feature in reception areas, lobbies, hotels and boutique stores. Available in a choice of finishes, widths and includes lighting. 

    Items are sorted by descending price order on this page.

    • Premier Lite 8/18T Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier Lite 7/18 Glass Display Cabinet
    • Elegance Corner Display Showcase (AN)
    • Fusion 70A Display Showcase
    • Fusion 70M Display Showcase
    • Elegance Half Moon Display Showcase (ML)
    • Premier Lite 8/18GE Glass Display Cabinet
    • Elegance Round Display Showcase (RF)
    • Premier 182 Glass Display Cabinet
    • Elegance Lite Corner Display Showcase (AN)
    • Premier 191 Glass Display Cabinet
    • Elegance Oval Display Showcase (OG)
    • Elegance Round Revolving Display Showcase…
    • Premier 201 (GL) Glass Display Cabinet
    • Elegance Lite Round Display Showcase (RF)
    • Elegance Half Oval Display Showcase (M)
    • Elegance Lite Half Moon Display Showcase…
    • Elegance Lite Half Oval Display Showcase