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    Commercial glass display cabinets for offices, lobbies and reception areas.  Display awards, trophies and products in these exceptional quality Italian designed and crafted glass display cabinets. Free standing and wall mounted glass display cabinets are available in a range of sizes with lighting, adjustable shelving and storage as required.

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    • Fusion 93M Display Cabinet
    • Premier Lite 4/18 GM Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier 120 glass display cabinet
    • Kensington 5S Display Showcase
    • Premier 121 glass display cabinet
    • Premier 100 glass display cabinet
    • Elegance Corner Display Showcase (AN)
    • Premier 171 Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier Lite 12/18M Glass Display Cabinet
    • Fusion 70A Display Showcase
    • Premier 101 glass diplay cabinet
    • Fusion 70M Display Showcase
    • Kensington 9SA Display Showcase
    • Elegance Half Moon Display Showcase (ML)
    • Premier Lite 8/18GM Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier Lite 8/18GE Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier Lite 8/18G Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier 160 glass display cabinet
    • Kensington 9TR Display showcase
    • Elegance Round Display Showcase (RF)
    • Premier Lite 16/18M Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier 182 Glass Display Cabinet
    • Premier 161 (C3B) Glass Display Cabinet
    • Kensington 5G Display Showcase

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    For high quality, commercial grade display cabinets, we have selected a range that provide exceptional quality for commercial environments and value for money.  Our competitively priced display cases are ideal for schools, museums, reception areas, retail environments and as trophy display cases.

    The commercial display cases in our range are customisable with optional lighting, locks, adjustable shelving and storage. Complementing display cases, wall mounted display cabinets and freestanding cases are available in all the ranges in a choice of finishes. They are available in a range of standard sizes, but bespoke options can be discussed with our sales team.

    Our glass display cabinets are delivered flat packed ready for self assembly on site or on request can be assembled by our team. The display cabinets are supplied with tempered glass, ideal for busy commercial areas with pedestrian traffic.

    Unlike cheaper glass display cases these exceptional quality Italian designed and crafted commercial glass display cabinets are built with style and practicality to last for years in busy commercial environments.