How can Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants plan their spaces post Covid-19?

With the government’s recent announcement that much of the hospitality industry can open on the 4th July (inc. pubs, cafes and restaurants), landlords and business owners now face the challenge of meeting ‘safe and secure’ requirements at their respective establishments. The challenge is, to accommodate the public convening at their locations whilst respecting the 1 metre distance rule, recently amended from 2 metres. 

How can the drinking and dining experience be catered for at a safe distance?

The very nature of pubs, cafes and restaurants is that they are ‘social’ places. When you think of these places in the traditional sense, you imagine large groups of people standing or sitting in close proximity to others. With the new ruling in place, the approach to layout will be of key importance. For some establishments such a micro-brewery with a smaller public house, the challenge of addressing ‘space’ will be even greater one.

As your customers walk towards your outdoor spaces, not only should they rest reassured that the appropriate space has been left between tables (groups of people), but also, that your business is taking appropriate steps from a sanitation perspective. 

Maintaining a safe and secure environment

The housekeeping needs to be extremely frequent, whether it be cleaning down tables or wiping down chairs immediately after people vacate spaces. In addition, your business will benefit from providing hand sanitising solutions to customers. Something such as our free-standing sanitising dispenser could prove extremely beneficial to your efforts to adhere to current health and safety obligations.

If your business is also seeking protection screens, JB also has some available here.


Our team at JB are wishing you and your business every success upon reopening on the 4th July!