JB Commercial – How To Use Your Outdoor Business Space To Bring Your Customers In: Summer Edition

In the run-up to summer, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time (Covid-19), with your business customers not being able to drink or dine outdoors in the fine weather. Under normal circumstances, it can be tricky to entice people away from the sun to look to tackle a refurb or to attain new commercial furniture. Why should your business even try to, when you can command excellent levels of footfall, profitability AND keeping customers outdoors at your establishment. 

Whilst we are all currently on lockdown, now may be the best time to think about reorganising and refurbishing your outdoor commercial space. There’s little chance of disrupting customers, and enough time to take a step back and plan the space – ready to impress customers when lockdown is lifted and we all can’t wait to jump back into public houses, bars, cafes and restaurants again!

This article is intended for any business owners with outdoor spaces – whether it’s a trendy coffee shop, a quaint British pub with a beer garden, a nice bistro cafe or a romantic restaurant overlooking the beach – and are looking to bring in the summer crowds and keep them there.

Inside Out

Nothing – I repeat, nothing – will help guests feel more comfortable than making them feel at home. Setting up a corner sofa outside, where your guests can chat, have a drink or a bite to eat, is ideal.

All You Can Seat

Speaking of outdoor seating, it’s important to think about what kind of activities your business is willing to offer outside your establishment. A restaurant is pretty self-explanatory – you’ll most likely want a mix of seating for larger or smaller parties (if you’re looking for a bit more inspiration on this topic, we have a blog post here just for you). 

But if your business is slightly different – say, you want a really nice outdoor space in your office building where people can relax on their lunch break, or you run an events space or outdoor exhibition – then you’ll need to think carefully about what you would need in order to make sure that visitors are as comfortable as possible. 

Would you need a couple of bar tables with high stools, or would it work better to have outdoor benches and tables? 

Would you require something a bit more hardy to face the outdoors, like a concrete outdoor furniture set, or could you get away with wooden seating if you’re based somewhere a little more sheltered? 

All useful questions to ask yourself when you’re kitting out your outdoor area!

  • Outdoor dining sets (tables chairs etc.) – wood vs. concrete
  • High stools and poseur bar tables

Colour Is Key

For the extra wow factor, you first have to grab your visitors’ attention – by the eyeballs. A pop of colour in.

*Quirky colourful polypropylene furniture

Set Up For Summer… 

  • Recliners and parasols are also a great option

…AND Keep Warm

  • Fire pits (small vs. larger for events, optional grill attachment)
  • Fire tables / log stores

Hopefully we have fed the imagination in terms of what you can achieve in your outdoor space to excite and entertain your customers in style and comfort.

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