Guide to Ergonomic Office Chairs

Ergonomic Furniture aims to improve efficiency and productivity, enabling you to work comfortably.  But with so many office chairs on the market, it can be hard to identify exactly what you need from your ergonomic office furniture. 

By allowing a high level of adjustability, ergonomic chairs support the users individual needs and maintain the health and efficiency of all day desk workers. This often includes an intelligent mechanism designed to encourage more movement during your working day, fully adjustable arms, seat height adjustment and adjustable or inflatable lumbar support. We feature a wide range of Ergonomic Chairs on our site but we’ve compiled a few of the features to look for in a quality, comfortable Ergo chair.

Features to look for in an Ergonomic Chair:

Seat width and depth adjustment

Adjusting the depth of an ergonomic office chair will determine how much support your thighs receive. To check the depth of your seat, sit as far back as possible in your chair. The space you need between the chair and the back of your knees is roughly three fingers wide. Ergonomic chair have a seat slider so that you can achieve this easily. Additions like a coccyx cut out or memory foam seat can reduce pressure on the base of the spine.

Seat height adjustment

An ergonomic chair has a gas lift so that you can adjust the height you are sitting at. The right height means that your forearms are in-line with your desk; if your feet do not remain flat on the floor in this position then you will need a footrest. The correct seat height will improve the posture and avoid back and neck strain.

Fully adjustable armrests

Armrests support the shoulders and prevent strain throughout the arm. They should be adjusted so that there is a comfortable 90° angle through the forearm when the shoulders are relaxed. Ergonomic armrests usually have width adjustment so that they can remain close to the body. The top of the armrest might also swivel so that you can sit as close to the desk as possible.

Five star base

Office chairs have a five-star base designed to prevent the chair from tipping and keep your feet safely on the ground when you adjust your posture. The castors on the base will vary depending on the environment. If your office has carpet, soft floor castors are more suitable and brake loaded castors are more suited for hard floors, vinyl and concrete to stop the reduce slipping.

Back support

The back support of an ergonomic chair is height adjustable so that it can offer maximum support to the lumbar region of the spine. Ergonomic office chairs provide a good level of support to match the contours of the spine of the individual user and ensure that the back stays supported whilst you move throughout the day.

Office Chair Fabric

Seat, armrests and backrests should be well padded to ensure that the body doesn’t press uncomfortably on the frame of the chair. Firm padding ensures that the chair remains comfortable despite prolonged use and good quality, breathable fabric durable covers will aid comfort and extend the life of the chair.

ergonomic office chairs

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