Contract Bar Stool Buying Guide

This guide provides the advice you need on comfort, design, height, and complementing your venues interior with stylish yet practical bar stool seating options. Bar Stools are one of our most popular commercial furniture products for the hospitality industry, so we have an extended range to choose from.

Comfortable Bar Stools – is that possible?

Despite their reputation, bar stools can be comfortable addition to the seating options at commercial venues. Features of our most comfortable bar stools include:

  • Padded seats – deep cushioning to create a comfortable base
  • Backrests – back support to be able to lean back and relax
  • Arm Rests – additional support to sit back and relax
  • Foot Rests – dangling feet don’t scream out comfort

While the perception may be that backless stools are not comfortable, we have a range of well designed contract stools that include other comfort features including adequate width, footrest, padded seats. The wrong bar stool for your establishment can lead to uncomfortable customers and not-so-fond memories of your venue.

Bar Stool Height

Choose the wrong height bar stools and you could be sat to low or having to slouch if too high. Commercial bar stools sent to have a seat height around 75-90cm.

To determine the perfect bar stool height, it is important to measure the height of the bar top or counter first. Once you have this figure, subtracting around 25cm will reveal the approximate height that you should be looking in a bar stools. This will provide customers with enough room without the gap being too large.

Popular Commercial Bar Stool Styles

Backless Bar Stools– ideal for space saving and in venues where a degree of flexibility is needed.

Backless bar stools

High Back Bar Stools – ideal to provide support and comfort when sitting for longer periods of time.

Bar stools with backs

Bistro Style Metal Bar Stools – ideal for contemporary interiors, industrial designs and modern venues. A strong sturdy material for busy commercial environments and easy to keep clean.

Bistro bar stools

Wooden bar stools – ideal to fit into any style interior. Easy to clean and maintain.

Wooden bar stools

Leather Bar Stools – ideal for creating a comfortable warm environment.

Leather bar stools


The number of bar stools for seating at a bar will vary on the venue.  It’s important to provide customers with room to manoeuvre, as no one want to feel squashed sipping on their drink, or eating at the bar.

At JB Commercial we source bar stools for pubs, cocktail bars, hotels, restaurants and many other venues.  Our range only includes Contract grade commercial bar stools that are designed with the rigors of busy public environments in mind. Take a look at the range here –