Choosing Outdoor Furniture for Commercial Venues

Commercial Outdoor Furniture can be a central part of a venues seating if outdoor space is available, so getting it right can do much to help the profitability of any establishment.  We’ve combined details on our top selling types of Outdoor Furniture for commercial venues including cafes, bars, hotels, pubs and restaurants,  to help you select the right type of furniture for your establishment.

Our most popular types of Contract Outdoor Furniture Include:

Rattan Garden Furniture

Rattan is popular choice for outdoor seating and dining areas as it is a hardwearing material that is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.  Commercial Rattan furniture is practical for busy commercial venues as it does not require maintenance and is easily wiped clean.

Quality commercial grade rattan furniture is mold resistant and rust free, so is especially suitable for spas and leisure venues where warm and moist conditions are not suitable for some types of outdoor furniture.

Our contract rattan furniture is available in a variety of mix and match options, which can be tailored to fit your individual commercial needs, including tables, chairs, sofas, loungers, dining sets and coffee tables.

Rattan Furniture Set

Wooden Outdoor Furniture

Wood is a classic choice to suit a variety of outdoor venues. It’s a time tested material that has the benefit of looking neither too modern and contemporary or too old fashioned and traditional.

Popular woods used in our contract range of wooden outdoor furniture include solid acacia wood, robinia wood and teak. Teak wood is very heavy and dense, great properties for making it resistant to insects and moisture and often more durable than other types of hardwood. The natural oils that are found in mature teak trees, ensure that teak outdoor furniture last for years.

Wooden outdoor furniture is a great investment and if looked after correctly, doesn’t require much maintenance.

Wooden Furniture

Polypropylene Chairs and Tables

Not all venues are in the enviable position to have lots of space and a great outlook, so the use of bold bright colours can do much to enhance the atmosphere of a space. Using brightly coloured polypropylene chairs are a great style choice, but a practical option too.

The benefits of polypropylene is that they are lightweight  and easy to handle, meaning they can be stacked high in greater number that wooden or metal chairs. Some Polypropylene chairs in the range include glass fibre for reinforcement, creating a durable and tough chair but with an affordable price tag. They are also very low maintenance just needing a wipe down to keep clean.

Polypropylene chairs


Aluminium tables and chairs

Aluminium outdoor furniture is a cost effective furniture solution for many venues.  They are lightweight and are available in many folding or stackable options, making them ideal for storing and space saving.

Aluminium tables and chairs provide a contemporary modern look and feel to venues, and can be powder coated to achieve tie in with existing design schemes.  Aluminium provides strength and durability for frequently used tables and chairs in busy commercial environments.  They are also a cost effective outdoor furniture solution.

Aluminium contract furniture

The outdoor furniture at JB Commercial provides exceptional value for money and can be used for a variety of outdoor commercial applications. Take a look at the range here –