JB Commercial Furniture – Celebrating 10 YEARS!

How we started

From humble beginnings in a small home office, JB Commercial had a simple goal: to provide quality commercial furniture at a reasonable price and couple it with exceptional customer service. Our directors had an extensive background in manufacturing seating and desking, so bringing this knowledge to a competitive market was an essential edge for a fledgling company. Soon after, we built a growing client list of local authorities and private businesses, gradually building our portfolio while keeping true to our early goals.

Within just a few years we had moved to bigger premises, extra staff were needed and our customer base extended to all parts of the United Kingdom and beyond. Despite the growth, JB Commercial is a family business at its centre and has stayed true to its core principles of good customer service, professional advice and extensive, top quality product range.

Why JBCI has been successful

Trust is an inherent benefit of being a family business and we feel that this gives JB Commercial a significant edge in the market. Having also started as a small, intimate operation, it has also enabled us to build up our experience in dealing with clients one-to-one. As the company has grown we have been careful not to lose these essential components to the business; we endeavour to be helpful and honest with clients, suggesting options wherever needed. We have worked with such a diverse range of customers that we feel confident advising on a wide range of furniture matters meaning we take a personal interest in every project or assignment.

Plans and goals for the future

At JB Commercial we are always looking forward. As we enter our 11th year of existence, we continue to seek new and exciting items to bring to the commercial sector. We will soon be launching our Premier Range – high end, designer furniture at affordable prices that is sure to appeal to restaurants and cafes around the country. However, our focus on providing items for the every kind budget is always the at the forefront of our intentions – this has what has made JB Commercial the vibrant, respected company it is and that it will continue to be.

As our furniture sector is exploring new avenues, our Commercial Interiors arm takes on bigger and more grandiose projects. We’ve supplied airports, schools, hospitals, zoos, colleges and leisure centres, bringing the high standard of JB Commercial to every assignment we are involved in. During the past decade we have progressed to such a point that there is rarely a project too big for us to handle and as our workforce expands we look forward to tackling ever more ambitious and challenging designs.