Top 5 Furnishing Tips To Maximise Bookings This Festive Season

For many hotels and restaurants, the lead-up to the December festive or party season tends to be the busiest time of the year. Hoteliers and restaurateurs can usually expect an enormous influx of bookings for large parties, ready to wine and dine, celebrate the holidays, and often spend Christmas Day itself dining out. 

While the current limitations regarding the coronavirus safety measures in hospitality is a speed bump in terms of the numbers of guests you can host in your business over the winter period, that doesn’t have to mean you and your hospitality business have to sacrifice bookings, and therefore revenue.

The solution can often be in the most unexpected places – as experts in the commercial furniture industry, we recommend these top tips to keep your restaurant fully booked during the ‘new normal’ festive season.


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5 top ways to welcome your customers back with comfortable, safe outdoor spaces after lockdown

Picture the scene. You’re a small business owner – perhaps you have a cafe or restaurant, or even a small company office. You have your coronavirus safety measures in place? Check. You have your interior set up with screens, visors, or other equipment necessary to keep your staff safe? Check.


But what about your outdoor spaces? Is there a garden that looks a little lacklustre, or a patio space out onto the street that you don’t know what to do with? 


Does this sound like you? Then keep reading.


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Top 4 Insider Quick Tips To Getting The Perfect Restaurant Dining Space

We get it. The last thing you want to do after walking into a lovely restaurant is to bump your hips (or worse) into an overly-ambitious array of crammed-in tables, chairs, and other diners. We’ve kitted out quite a few restaurants, cafes and bars over the years – from airports to gin bars to the London Savile Club, in fact – and so we come to you with the insider knowledge of tips and tricks to make your restaurant seating layout the best it can be, without the headaches.

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Guide to Restaurant Bench, Booth & Banquette Seating

Bench seating is a stylish, space-saving seating solution ideal for restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. Creating intimate cosy areas for customers to eat and drink provides an element of privacy and allows for great design in a venues interiors. Continue reading “Guide to Restaurant Bench, Booth & Banquette Seating”

Limited Time Only Commercial Furniture Special Offers

Until the 30th November, we have a limited time only offer on some of the popular furniture options in our Commercial Furniture Range. Prices start from as low as £39.95 + VAT and are only available during November. Continue reading “Limited Time Only Commercial Furniture Special Offers”

Industrial Style Commercial Furniture

Many businesses turn to Industrial Furniture for their interiors. While Interior design is constantly evolving as new trends come and go, Industrial décor seems to stand the test of time. Industrial design has had a surge in popularity over the last few years and has been a growing trend with retailers in commercial venues, especially offices and restaurants.

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The UK’s Booming Coffee Culture – Does Your Café Furniture stand out from the rest?

The competition in the competitive Coffee Shop market has never been greater.  In many UK towns and cities we’re confronted with a choice of coffee shop on literally every street.  And with the high street chains represented everywhere along with an increasing variety of smaller independents, its never been more important for Cafés & Coffee Shops to stand out as different and tempt customers through the doors. We’ll take a look at some ideas on how you can get it right.

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Restaurant Table Top Options

If you are planning to revamp your restaurant interiors, setting up a new restaurant business, or updating your contract furniture, choosing the right of kind of restaurant tables is a key decision. As with key restaurant furniture pieces, tables and their finish contribute to the look, feel and practicality of the venue.  So what Table Top Options work best for your establishment.

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Contract Bar Stool Buying Guide

This guide provides the advice you need on comfort, design, height, and complementing your venues interior with stylish yet practical bar stool seating options. Bar Stools are one of our most popular commercial furniture products for the hospitality industry, so we have an extended range to choose from. Continue reading “Contract Bar Stool Buying Guide”