Hottest Seats In The House – Booth, Banquet & Fixed Seating

We don’t know about you, but when we arrive at a restaurant or bar, we head straight for the hottest seats in the house – the Booth! Booth seating ticks all the boxes for us; comfort, intimacy, privacy, with a double helping of luxe. We know we certainly are not alone in our love for booth seating, which is clear to see from its regular appearances throughout the design of many beautiful restaurants.

Booth, banquet or fixed seating, what’s the difference you may ask? Well, all three terms refer to a similar type of seating, seating that is usually fixed to the floor and designed to seat a group of people within a particular, generally more private, area. This type of furniture can come in various shapes and sizes, for example, in long bench form or in a circular booth shape.

The use of fixed seating lends many advantages when designing the layout of a restaurant. From a more practical point of view, straight length and L-shaped booth seating provide a fantastic way to maximise space when installed against a wall, as well as the use of back to back seating. Where you have an awkward space, a bespoke booth can be designed to ensure you are absolutely maximising on the seating capacity in your restaurant. They can also be used as a divider in a space, perhaps creating a boundary between a formal and a more relaxed dining style. A well thought out layout design will employ the booth seating to direct traffic flow though the restaurant, adding to the ambiance within your establishment.

Here is a round up of our favourite looks to get that inspiration flowing.

Your banquet seating provides a perfect platform to make a statement – go bold with colour for a high impact interior look.

There is just something about velvet that brings in an effortless elegance and when teamed with that Chesterfield button it is utterly swoon worthy.

Incorporating a variety of seating styles will really set off your banquet seating. Pair with dining chairs, sidechairs, benches, and stools.


For more design ideas and inspiration, check out our booth seating Pinterest board that we’ve put together.

Here at JBCF we love to work closely with our clients to create high quality bespoke fixed seating. We would love for you to get in touch with your brief, and to support you in building a beautiful space.