How can Pubs, Cafes and Restaurants plan their spaces post Covid-19?

With the government’s recent announcement that much of the hospitality industry can open on the 4th July (inc. pubs, cafes and restaurants), landlords and business owners now face the challenge of meeting ‘safe and secure’ requirements at their respective establishments. The challenge is, to accommodate the public convening at their locations whilst respecting the 1 metre distance rule, recently amended from 2 metres. 

How can the drinking and dining experience be catered for at a safe distance?

The very nature of pubs, cafes and restaurants is that they are ‘social’ places. When you think of these places in the traditional sense, you imagine large groups of people standing or sitting in close proximity to others. With the new ruling in place, the approach to layout will be of key importance. For some establishments such a micro-brewery with a smaller public house, the challenge of addressing ‘space’ will be even greater one.

As your customers walk towards your outdoor spaces, not only should they rest reassured that the appropriate space has been left between tables (groups of people), but also, that your business is taking appropriate steps from a sanitation perspective. 

Maintaining a safe and secure environment

The housekeeping needs to be extremely frequent, whether it be cleaning down tables or wiping down chairs immediately after people vacate spaces. In addition, your business will benefit from providing hand sanitising solutions to customers. Something such as our free-standing sanitising dispenser could prove extremely beneficial to your efforts to adhere to current health and safety obligations.

If your business is also seeking protection screens, JB also has some available here.


Our team at JB are wishing you and your business every success upon reopening on the 4th July!

JB Commercial – How To Use Your Outdoor Business Space To Bring Your Customers In: Summer Edition

In the run-up to summer, we find ourselves in an unprecedented time (Covid-19), with your business customers not being able to drink or dine outdoors in the fine weather. Under normal circumstances, it can be tricky to entice people away from the sun to look to tackle a refurb or to attain new commercial furniture. Why should your business even try to, when you can command excellent levels of footfall, profitability AND keeping customers outdoors at your establishment. 

Whilst we are all currently on lockdown, now may be the best time to think about reorganising and refurbishing your outdoor commercial space. There’s little chance of disrupting customers, and enough time to take a step back and plan the space – ready to impress customers when lockdown is lifted and we all can’t wait to jump back into public houses, bars, cafes and restaurants again!

This article is intended for any business owners with outdoor spaces – whether it’s a trendy coffee shop, a quaint British pub with a beer garden, a nice bistro cafe or a romantic restaurant overlooking the beach – and are looking to bring in the summer crowds and keep them there.

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Top 4 Insider Quick Tips To Getting The Perfect Restaurant Dining Space

We get it. The last thing you want to do after walking into a lovely restaurant is to bump your hips (or worse) into an overly-ambitious array of crammed-in tables, chairs, and other diners. We’ve kitted out quite a few restaurants, cafes and bars over the years – from airports to gin bars to the London Savile Club, in fact – and so we come to you with the insider knowledge of tips and tricks to make your restaurant seating layout the best it can be, without the headaches.

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Spotlight on Premier Collection Luxury Contract Furniture Range

This month we are placing the spotlight on our Premier range of Luxury Contract Furniture.

The inspiration behind this collection is to celebrate the aesthetics of luxury sophisticated commercial designer furniture that has been selected for its ability to enhance elegant commercial venues.

The range includes hand crafted artisan pieces that can be individually styled in a choice of quality fabrics and finishes to perfectly complement interior spaces.

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Spring has Sprung – Getting Venues Ready for Outdoor Dining

Spring is in the air, and with the promise of longer days and warmer weather, it’s that time of year again to consider getting your venue ready for al fresco dining in the months to come.

So if your thoughts are turning to how to make your venue the ‘go to’ destination, we’ve got some practical suggestions on selecting Outdoor Furniture for your café, restaurant, bistro, bar, spa or hotel.

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Winter Inspiration – Our Best Selling Tables

If you haven’t already, you will want to create that cosy, inviting atmosphere for your pub or restaurant especially during the autumn / winter seasons. In this post we wanted to talk a little about our favourite and best selling tables that we feel will add to that cosiness with their chunky, stable designs and solid wood construction. Our two best selling table ranges, Rockingham and Hunter, bring a feeling of warmth and homeliness to any pub, cafe or restaurant.

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Commercial & Domestic Grade Furniture – What’s the difference?

Whether you’re opening up a new restaurant, renovating your cafe or giving your hotel reception area a facelift.. you are going to want to fill it with stunning furniture that will deliver the wow factor for your guests and customers. But have you found yourself wondering if it really is that important to buy commercial grade furniture? Before you make your decision, let’s consider just a few of the benefits of purchasing contract furniture in comparison to residential grade furniture.

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What to Consider When Buying Office Furniture

When creating the office space for your business, there are so many elements to consider. It’s long been recognised that the surroundings within the workplace massively impact the working productivity of your employees, not to mention setting the tone and creating company culture. So what are some important components to pay attention to when selecting the furniture for your office?

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